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Try out new features on the PlayStation 5

Try out new features on the PlayStation 5

In English or Japanese only.

While this may not seem like it always is, consoles like the PlayStation 5 are constantly tinkering to upgrade them. Sony is planning another major computer update this year and needs the help of PS5 users. They must first sign up for the next gen beta and submit their feedback to the company.

From today you can sign up for the beta program. Participation conditions are very simple. You must be of legal age, reside in the United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, France or Germany, have a valid BSN account with an updated email address, and agree to send the requested feedback to Sony.

That’s fine at first. However, before you sign up for the beta, you should pause for a moment because there are some small eaters in the “small print” – it is not small or printed, but it is official Website Sony did not mention.

First, a record does not mean a permanent place in the beta. Nowhere is it written how Sony selects participants. If you are allowed to be there, you will receive an email with more details and information about the program.

In addition, Sony sends all emails, documents and forms in English or Japanese only – in these languages ​​precisely what Sony expects to comment on new computer functions. If you are not so linguistically proficient you should leave the record button and pick your fingers.

Sony Interactive Entertainment can use your feedback for free and unhindered to improve your products and services. This applies to all ideas you send to the console manufacturer you trust. But this is the basis for a beta – make the console a little more user-friendly and make the world a little better with ideas collected from users. If you can make money from a free idea, no one will say no for sure.

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Sony suggests that the pre-release software from the beta program is not yet fully tested (it’s your job) and may be incomplete or have bugs. Depending on the test phase results, the respective functionality may differ from the final version.

So now you know everything you need to know, and you can weigh whether you want to participate in the first PS5 beta. Here You can register.