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Trump pushes Giuliani and prepares for a confrontation with Gopi

Trump pushes Giuliani and prepares for a confrontation with Gopi


17.02.2021 – 22:09

Former US President Succeeds In Attack On Republicans Who Do Not Support Him

Donald Trump breaks the silence and successfully emerges from the second historic charge, returning to the field to start a confrontation within his party. Mitch launches an unprecedented attack on McConnell, urging Republican senators to blame their leader for calling the former president a “moral responsibility” for the January 6 attack on Congress. But Trump’s voices are not only a declaration of war against all those he considers “traitors,” but also a warning to the party establishment as a whole in view of future challenges: look at the 2022 midterm elections: “Oh Con or Against Me”, only for candidates who follow Mac America’s Great Again and America’s Doctrine Message between the Chancellor’s lines promising his support over time. There are ten of them and he will support them one by one. Those who want to return to the party after four years of Trumpism by removing the complex presence of the former White House tenant are returning to the election campaign to defeat those who identify themselves in the ranks of the likes of McCann.

Donald exploded

“We can never go back strongly and respectfully with party leaders, so it will never win with them again. McConnell never did what he was supposed to do, what’s right for the country,” Trump attacks. Then he goes to lunch on a personal level: “He’s a dark, grumpy politician, he never laughs, he lacks political vision, wisdom, talent and personality”. Nonetheless, the well-known truth is that the original text created by Trump is still violent and offensive. His closest advisers, however, persuaded him to back away from the initial idea of ​​handing over his invention to a real press conference in Mar-e-Lago, the first press conference he held after the election defeat. But there are now all indications that the Chancellor is returning to the political scene, and the Republican OPA has just begun.

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Towards the 2024 Presidential Election

The goal is the 2024 presidential election, either by direct revenge or by appointing someone closest to him, be it his daughter Ivanka or one of the faithful. Rudolf Giuliani is unlikely to be one of the latter. Trump seems to have deliberately pushed his personal lawyer over the past few hours, still calling him “a friend and a friendly nation,” but letting the former New York mayor know that he no longer represents him in any legal matter. There are many more criminal and civil investigations and trials in which Trump is currently involved. But already after the presidential election, President Giuliani had expressed his frustration and dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of the move, which, according to the former president, could not assert in court the reasons for the bad and stolen elections by the Democrats. Meanwhile, Trump, one of the most influential voices in the conservative world in the United States, received a bad blow after popular commentator and radio presenter Rush Limbaugh and Ronald Reagan. He was 70 years old and had been suffering from cancer for a long time. Trump presented him with the Presidential Medal, the highest civilian honor ever.