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Trump pushes Deutsche Bank president out after Capitol events

Trump pushes Deutsche Bank president out after Capitol events

Deutsche Bank has also pushed Deutsche Bank. After a permanent ban on his Twitter account and a demand for indictment by Demz, now the outgoing president of the United States is getting a new blow from the German bank, one of its key financiers. Although the three protagonists of the affair, the Deutsche Bank, the Trump organization and the White House press office, have not yet commented, the New York Times reports it exclusively.

But the news is not entirely new. Already last week, Christiana Riley, director of US operations at Deutsche Bank, wrote a post on LinkedIn in which she openly condemned what had happened on Capitol Hill, while Reuters revealed that German banking plans to close ties in November. With Trump at the end of the election due to negative publicity that came from his relationship with the president.

With about $ 40,340 million in debt to the Trump organization (a group run by Trump’s two sons), Deutsche Bank’s breakthrough is the hardest blow to The Donald in recent days, with the remaining shares remaining pale. Trump’s former allies are banging on the “deduction”: from universities removing honorary degrees, to some major Republicans threatening to leave the party, to New York State Bar announcing investigations on his personal lawyer, Rudolf Giuliani.

But economic woes are only the beginning for Trump. More than a dozen large American companies have announced that they have stopped donating to its political group. Among them were Morgan Stanley, AT&T and the Marriott Hotel Chain, who said they had stopped funding “those who voted against the certification of elections” and supported Trump’s statements on election fraud (read “Republicans in Congress”).

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