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Trump helped make Dictoc the most downloaded app of 2020

Trump helped make Dictoc the most downloaded app of 2020

According to App Annie, Dictoc is the most downloaded app in 2020. This data comes from the iOS and Android App Stores. So it is present in all smartphones and not just those on one or another platform. Trump is a big reason why it has been so popular this year. Of course, another is contagious, and many people spend most of the year stuck at home doing something.

However, the Trick administration is trying to ban Dictoc in the United States because it is owned by a Chinese company that really helped its popularity. Lots of people got to download the app and see what it is. Why the government is looking to ban the use.

Although the Trump administration has backed away from wanting to ban it so much, Dictoc continues to grow. However, when they leave office next month, the ban on dictatorships in the United States is far from over. However, it is banned in India, its largest market.

Most Downloaded Applications 2020

Zoom and Google Meet also topped the rankings in 2020

Not surprisingly, Zoom and Google Meat were among the top 10 most downloaded apps of 2020. Zoom climbed 219 places and advanced to fourth place. That’s because everyone uses magnifying at school, work and even with friends and family.

Google Meeting ranked seventh, not even last year. Since it is a new application, it was launched earlier this year.

Of course, when it comes to monthly active users, Facebook apps still top the list. In the top four with Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp – in that order. It is followed by Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Dictoc, Spotify and Snapshot. So basically, the apps you want to see in the top ten for monthly active users.

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