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Gmail for Android has been updated with an interesting innovation

Team Google Is constantly engaged in improving the core products offered to customers and undoubtedly includes these Gmail, Has received an update that introduced some small news in the last few hours.

The changes we refer to, as we learn, seem to be the result of a server page update 9to5 Google, Probably needed Version 2021.07.11 (I.e. the latest) Gmail.

Introduced some minor changes to Gmail for Android

The changes introduced with this minor update are of a graphic nature and make the Mountain View giant email client’s categorization system more effective and the structure of the various messages received as a result.

In particular, following the update, the colors of the labels have all been changed to significantly darker and more vibrant, which applies to both dark and light modes.

The “Updates” label has undergone a very significant change, going from a pale orange to a solid saturated color, making the color visible in the Gmail desktop application visually (although the hue is not yet uniform).

The “Ads” and “Social” labels have also been changed to slightly darker shades than the green and blue colors previously used in Gmail for Android.

Below are two images showing the Gmail interface before (left) and after (center and right) of the update we are talking about:

These changes seem to have been made only on the Android processor (probably within a few days they will be available to all users) and not on one dedicated to iOS based devices.

You can download version 2021.07.11 of Gmail for Android from the APK Mirror (You can find the exclusive page here) Or from the Google Play Store with the following badge:

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