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Demonstrate Authors - The full description can be downloaded here

Demonstrate Authors – The full description can be downloaded here

DUSSELDORF. “We’re reviewing!” An author from North Rhine-Westphalia wrote to us this week – on behalf of members of his staff. We documented parts of the seven-page rationale (read here), which met with great interest: Since then, we have received dozens of inquiries as to whether a complete overhaul of the text, including relevant evidence, could be obtained. We contacted the editor who got us to publish on News4Teachers. Important: The paper is for informational purposes only and has a specific and simply cannot be copied.

You can download it here.

The sharpest form of protest for civil servants is a reconsideration. Photo: Shutterstock

Author’s opinion: What surprises me, however, is that these critical points that we address in our writing need to be really clear. Why did the unions concerned not manage to take something like this off the ground and integrate it? Why is nothing coming from this direction, not a concerted action (and in the interests of working teachers)? Why are you alone for such a reconsideration in a spacious hall, and let something like that disintegrate if a mosquito bites? By: After the accepted rejection from D எடுsseldorf, we are already discussing whether to take out pending legal aid … News 4 authors

We are reviewing! Teachers explain to the school inspector why they currently consider their service illegal

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