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Trial version for Drone Racing League SIM and PS4 released

Trial version for Drone Racing League SIM and PS4 released

For the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and PC are now available Drone Racing League Sim (DRL) is available, the official game of DRL. A trial version allows you to see the simulation in advance.

The Drone Racing League SIM is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way for aspiring pilots to acquire the required FPV drone capabilities. Thanks to the most accurate data on physics, aerodynamics and drones, this game is the ultra-realistic entertainment of real FPV drone racing.

The Drone Racing League SIM prepares emerging pilots with the drone skills needed to safely fly, configure and control FBV drones without crashing drones or breaking accounts for new areas, as drones are not only an expensive pastime but are now highly regulated and require a driver’s license for your own garden.

“FPV pilots need real drone skills to fly. The best way to get it with a drone racing league sim. , We encourage them to learn more about the game, ”said DRL CMO Anne Marie Giantos.

In 54 training sessions, players learn navigation techniques from drones, including floating, pitch and ya racing, while gaining real-time feedback on how to improve. Additionally, you can create your own final drone on the workbench, which has real components and allows up to 120 million different combinations.

With his quad works, these can be flown in freestyle or through multiplayer challenges. Racing takes place at the same prestigious venues where professional DRL pilots fly in the Alliance World Championship seasons such as stadiums, palaces and amusement parks.

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Drone Racing League Sim no longer im PlayStation Store Available.