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Travel to Mars: "A lot of people will die early," warns Elon Musk

Travel to Mars: “A lot of people will die early,” warns Elon Musk

Something to think about. When asked about his plan to send humans to Mars, SpaceX founder Elon Musk acknowledged that it would not be without danger and that the first missions would see “a bunch of people die”.

More than the challenge of a long journey to the Red Planet (55 to 400 million kilometers away, depending on where it orbits compared to Earth), it is above all conditions in a place feared by South Africa. “It’s hard to live there,” he expected Interview It aired last Thursday in the face of engineer-entrepreneur Peter Diamondis, who created the X Prize Foundation.

However, while he admits that “there will probably not be good food” and that the trip will be “embarrassing”, he considers it to be “a wonderful adventure and an incredible experience”.

At the forefront of space travel

Although his goal is to send humans to Mars for the first time, by 2026 at best, Elon Musk It has been mentioned that only “volunteers” will make the first trips. He promised that the ambition that citizens would also be able to get on the shuttles would not be “a kind of adventure for the rich”.

With SpaceX, Elon Musk took center stage during NASA’s latest NASA spaceflight, part of which was the French Thomas Basket because the company provided the Earth-bound capsule. International Station ISS.

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