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sella giusta per viaggiare in bici

Travel Facility: Choosing the right saddle for travel

In 2018 I also walked the entire Portuguese Camino de Santiago. I left Lisbon and reached Santiago de Compostela. Between 650km in 5 days, cycling an average of 12 hours a day, when it rains. From the third level I began to feel discomfort in the saddle. In the last stage, the harassment turned into a real torture.

So I had the opportunity to experience one of the most common problems of cyclists: Ulcers on the saddle. The irritation was overwhelming. Each time I got up on the pedals, the thought of having to sit down gave me coolness and I tried to do it slowly and sweetly. No need for creams and intimate rinsing: the irritation got worse and came to Santiago with me. There were symptoms in the following days as well. Only the use of soothing ointments slowly brought everything back.

The choice of saddle is basic

Experiences like this will make us understand how important saddle selection is for the journey we want to face. It does not matter our shape, the terrain we face or the type of bicycle we use. We cyclists will be forced to spend more than 10-12 hours a day sitting on the saddle, which means this component must be selected very carefully..

I handle biomechanical visits, and I often notice cyclists (especially cyclists) choosing the saddle based on friends’ signs due to aesthetic or aural stories. Very little time is invested in deepening the selection criteria based on scientific and personal assessments.

Download the free ebook “Comfort on the Road: Choosing the Right Saddle for Travel”

With Its SMP We created this ebook “Travel Facility: Choosing the Right Saddle for Travel”. With this publication we want to give you all the information on choosing the most suitable saddle for your bike ride. By doing this, you can minimize negative experiences related to the saddle.

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I avoid experiences like the one I experienced at the Camino de Santiago in April 2018 Portuguese Portuguese.

Click here to download the ebook: “Travel Facility: Choosing the Right Saddle for Travel”