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Travel again with the forgotten city

Travel again with the forgotten city

Find the culprit, break the cycle of time and free yourself from past crimes

Montpellier, April 15, 2021 – Together with the dear villagers, the Australian studio Modern Storyteller has now released a New movie trailer For his first title The Forgotten City The release has now been announced Summer on PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

The Forgotten City A story adventure game based on re-imagining Mod Of the same name Downloaded more than 3 million times.

Trapped A secret underground city frozen during the Roman Empire, Lost twenty-three souls stuck in life. In this universe, if a person transgresses The Mysterious Golden Rule, Everyone becomes an idol. Play as a 21st Century Time Traveler Update the last moments of these city dwellers in one cycle. Turn the waves of time and explore to go home.

This is the story we always wanted to tell, the way we always wanted to tell. ”Said Nick Pierce, founder of Modern Storytelling. “A gripping and grim mystery that players experience over and over again.”

Summer Forgotten City will launch this summer on PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Languages: French, English, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

About The Forgotten City

  • Spectacularly explore a real Roman city in the open world With back Thanks to Unreal Engine
  • Build strong bonds with protagonists with complex personalities and responders
  • Face Embarrassments Moral with dangerous consequences
  • Investigate through a non-linear story with multiple conclusions
  • Play as you like by choosing your gender, appearance and personal history
  • Find solutions by using reason, seduction, corruption, cunning, intimidation or time cycle wisely
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