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Traffic data on smartphone: What can the new autophone application do?

Traffic data on smartphone: What can the new autophone application do?

Status: 07/20/2021 4:07 p.m.

It provides webcam images and information about construction sites, electric charging stations or stops – Federal Motorway has introduced a new processor for motorists. But it has its limitations.

A new service processor from the state-owned Motor Company will provide drivers with better information about traffic conditions. From today, users can download the “Autophone App” for free for iOS and Android operating systems. In the morning, the company presented the app. It says it should not compete with Google Maps & Co., but should meet these offers.

Traffic Orientation: Autobahn offers new processor

July 20, 2021 at 12:15 p.m.

Hundreds of cameras along the way

Autobahn GmbH guarantees “exclusive data”. For example, users can get their own picture of motorways via hundreds of webcams about their traffic status. For the first time, traffic and infrastructure information and other information related to motorways will be compiled. The app should also show charging stations for electric cars and truck parking spaces and provide information on whether there is shower, shop or wifi in rest areas.

In addition, the application should provide better information about diversions – for example, where construction sites or crash sites are, and when they will be resolved again. In the planned, more developed version, users should have the opportunity to find out a few more weeks before the trip. The highway company will first get the information it needs and send it through the app, ahead of Google Maps, for example, said Albrecht Klein, head of strategy.

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Navigation is not possible

According to Autobahn GmbH, independent navigation to the destination should not be possible: “The Autobahn utility is not a navigation utility and therefore does not compete with installed navigation providers.” However, the start and end can be sent to the navigation app on the smartphone. User-related location information should only be collected if a user wants to actively identify themselves during a route test for a map view.

FDP transport politician Oliver Luxic offers some practical advice for these processor drivers, but offers little added value compared to existing offers. “In terms of digital and dynamic traffic control, more is possible soon.”

Since the beginning of the year, Autobahn GmbH des Puntes has been responsible for the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the approximately 13,000 km long highway network in Germany instead of the federal states.