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Traction: The "purple screen of death" worries players

Traction: The “purple screen of death” worries players

Recently, “Purple screen of death“of Traction He talked a lot about himself. More precisely, this one Annoying news, Which appears in pop-up format when viewed live on a well-known purple site via third-party sites or tools. This message invites viewers to view similar content Exclusively on their platform Every time users are greeted by this message to watch live, it appears on a purple background and the screen is fixed for 30 seconds, which is very annoying, and, It cannot be ignored. Interestingly, this message will appear to those who are already Twitch and ADBlock active, and will now appear in video games as well.

According to some user reports, the pop-up will return Every 15 minutes, Even after waiting for the required 30 seconds, interrupting important moments during live performances and disturbing users in any case. User Rod Breslav noticed how even this annoying warning sounded PUBG Global Invitation, A popular eSport event, and “polluted”Purple screen of death“, During which the audience reads the above message during the live streaming event.

This is likely to be an annoying pop-up Damage the platform directly, In addition to the experience of individual users. Take a look at the default live stream of your favorite video game streamer, and you’ll see a big and annoying purple message when you can’t watch the game without interruption – it’s an experience, but unusual, especially during sports.

In fact, many users have rated it Go to alternative services, Like steam, thus avoiding these potential interruptions during live broadcasts. For example, The DBC Per Tota2 Is streaming via Steam, Instead of Twitch or YouTube. Former Twitch employees have also expressed their opposition to the purple site’s pop-up. This feature will be Permanent inside the site? Twitch is a “Provisional testing“. We look forward to updates on this to share with you.

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