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Toyota Mirai records, with a full tank of hydrogen 1,000 km.

Toyota Mirai records, with a full tank of hydrogen 1,000 km.

1,000 km, or 1,003 km instead. To be precise, only one hydrogen tank. This New world record Of travel Hydrogen cars Who did New Toyota Mirai, A model of the car manufacturer Updated a few months ago. The registration attempt took place on May 26 in France. The car departed from the Hysetco hydrogen station in Orly and traveled on public roads south of Paris and in the Lower-ed-Cher and Indre-ed-Lower regions.

The Japanese car was thus able to win The previous record set by Hyundai Nexus was 887.5 km. A few weeks ago. Indicates that Toyota is certified by an independent authority. Overall, Mirai reached a consumption of 0.55 kg / 100 km. To achieve this feat, keep in mind that the declared autonomy is up to 650 km, one of the pilots accepted Drive carefully, Defined by the vehicle manufacturer “Environment“In any case, anyone can easily respond. The lack of details about the average speeds conducted during the test is pathetic. Hypermilling tests yielded similar results, With at least some samples.

In fact, the mileage could have been a little better as the on-board system indicates The remaining range is 9 km.. 4 pilots participated in this post, in particular, Victorian Erzart, Founder and Captain of Energy Observer, Toyota’s first fuel cell technology ship, James Olden, Toyota Motor Europe Engineer, Maxim Le Hir, Product Manager Mirai e Mary Got, PR Manager de Toyota France.

As soon as the registration is complete, It took 5 minutes Fill with hydrogen to start again. With this particular endeavor, Toyota wanted to show off the potential of the fuel cell, which strongly believes in a technology for the future and invests as part of its “Beyond Zero” strategy. According to the carmaker, hydrogen can provide zero-emission motion not only for road transport, but also for trains, boats and aircraft, and generates energy for businesses, companies and domestic use. Frank Marotte, Toyota France CEO, commented:

The goal achieved by the new Mirai was an incredible challenge. Our ‘Your Impossible Start’ approach, which guides us and pushes us beyond our limits, we proved again today. I would like to thank the teams of Toyota France and Toyota Europe and Victorian of the Energy Observer for sharing the same vision and the same ambition with him. Only through strong partnerships can we contribute to a better and more environmentally friendly community. Toyota’s ambition to go “beyond zero” has always been inspired by space for the future.

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