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Towards a Margarita 2.0, but Calendula drops it

Towards a Margarita 2.0, but Calendula drops it

Farewell Italy Viva, Is now considered by many to be a bad company Margarita 2.0 It could be the new home of moderates in Italy, especially if the new proportional representation law is passed, at the 5% threshold.

This will be a political project Matteo Renzi, Expressed by a subsidiary of IV Luciano Noble In an interview Sheet. Negotiations could be accelerated as the game of the new government is now closed with the appointment of deputy secretaries.

Let’s work on Margherita 2.0 – Luciano Noble explained – Each with its own history and identity, exactly like Francesco Rudelli’s Margherita”.

Even the former mayor of Rome is being raised like this. “Francesco can make his tremendous experience available”, With this new Margarita, in addition to the Italian Viva, can be fragmented Central Galaxy and part of Forza Italia, When Action by Carlo Calenda The matter would be much more complicated.

Hello Italy Viva, is Renzi aiming for a new Margarita?

The basic idea is certainly not new. In the light Studies And in the proportional electoral law, all the various parties who claim to be moderates and reformers must somehow join forces to make a point in the next legislature.

With that in mind We will vote again in a year, Mario Draghi If you happen to go from Palazzo Ciki to Quirine, it is better to try to find the best strategy immediately.

This will be difficult for the next political election Matteo Renzi Present itself under the banner of Italy Viva, A lot depends on the voting system. For some time now, there has been talk of a kind of container that can bring the moderate lead together.

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So here is one’s hypothesis Margarita 2.0 It was started by Luciano Nobili, one of the leading princes of the Renziers, but it remains to be seen who can marry this new political project in addition to the Italian Viva.

The Sheet Talk about an open talk Demos, A movement close to the Sand Egidio community, but will have keynote speakers + Europe, Action And wing Come to Italy Is far removed from sovereign positions.

According to opinion polls, the biggest contribution to this perspective may come from action, but reading the latest reports Carlo Calenda In the case of Saudi Arabia, the path to an agreement seems to be all upwards.

There is a problem with Renzi because politics is not just about content, but also about behaviors, Renzi has done everything except the Saudi Arabian affair, and vice versa in recent months – Announced as a former guest minister in Law 7 – I know Following Italy Viva we can’t go down a path led by Renzi”.

Very harsh words, thank you for the birth in recent times Drake Government There was talk of a rapprochement between the two leaders. If Calenda does not follow through on what has been announced, the new Margarita will have to do so in view of the electoral weight without its heavy petals, but there will no longer be time for a possible turning point for the next election.