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Tour Auto: A Guide for the 30th Edition

Tour Auto: A Guide for the 30th Edition

The 30th edition of the Tour Auto kicks off on Monday, August 30, with the traditional exhibition taking place at this year’s Grand Palace Ephemer. Then, the next day, 230 or more teams entering the 30th anniversary of the historic rally will head south to Nice, where the rally will conclude on Saturday, September 4th. Here is everything you need to know about Tour Auto 2021.

Originally scheduled for April, Tour Auto 2021 has been postponed due to current health conditions. However, Peter Auto teams have worked hard for months to host the No. 1 French and European classic car event. The party will be in full swing next week on some of France’s most beautiful roads.

Let’s start this Tour Auto 2021 guide with the entry list. As every year, the two main categories of “competition” and “regulation” will form the public domain of the rally nicknamed the “Rolling Museum”. To learn more about all the cars in the 30th Tour Auto, click:

List of Tour Auto entries

Visitors can definitely enjoy the cars going on the road. However, the health pass will be mandatory for those who want to go to the closed parks and the Grand Boyle Fair on Monday. Please note that visitors will not be allowed in the Chateau de Currens on Tuesday, September 1, which is the official start of the rally. So we come to the Tour Auto 2021 itinerary. Here is the path to download for each step.

2021 Auto Tour Itinerary:

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Tour Auto 2021 Route

– Monday, August 30: Exhibition Grand Palace of Famer – Paris Grand Floys of Famer

– Tuesday August 31, 2021: Level 1 / Paris – Peon (399 km)

Official departure from the Chateau de Canners, Dijon-Brenois circuit and a special platform

Course to download by clicking here

– Wednesday, September 1, 2021: Level 2 / Peon-Ix-Les-Bains (322 km)

Circuit de Pressi and two special positions

Course to download by clicking here

– Thursday, September 2, 2021: Level 3 / Aix-les-Bains-Valence (446 km)

Three special levels

Course to download by clicking here

– Friday, September 3, 2021: Level 4 / Valence – Names (289 km)

Lutenon round and two special positions

Course to download by clicking here

– Saturday September 4, 2021: Level 5 / Nimes – Good (474 km) Arrival of Tour Auto 2021

Circuit ball record and two special positions

Course to download by clicking here

Tour Auto 2021 Route Guide

For those who want to enjoy the 30th anniversary of the rally as closely as possible, the “Peter Auto” application (Apple Store and Google Play) will provide all the information and access to the results in real time. The Tour Auto 2021 will be seen on TV. Here is the TV coverage:

Will be at the rally with Scuderia Classic This marks the second year following the rally that the Fiat 850 enters the Moretti Sportiva.

Finally, do not hesitate to come and see us at the Grand Prix Efமேmer in Paris from Monday at the rally.


Photos:, Scuderia Classic and Peter Auto