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Cette année, le traditionnel feu d’artifice ne sera pas tiré depuis la Prairie des Filtres mais quatre feux d

Toulouse. 4 fireworks, 20 concerts in the neighborhood: The show for July 14th is here

This year, traditional crackers will not be fired from Prairie des filters, but four crackers will be fired simultaneously at four locations in Pink City. (© Archives Act Toulouse)

As for the health situation, on July 14th, the city of Toulouse is not going to organize a fireworks show that will usually be held in the filters meadow and bring together tens of thousands of people.

On the other hand, as announced several weeks ago, it proposes the organization of a pyrotechnic show on the evening of July 14, 2021, with shooting from four different sites. These scenes will be carried out simultaneously and simultaneously.

Four firecrackers were fired simultaneously

Taking these obstacles into account, the four firecrackers were visible to a large number of people from their homes, so here are the sites selected by Toulouse Town Hall:

  • Site 1 – East: Rue de la Sumier, 31500 Toulouse, next to the future Killamette district.
  • Site 2 – West: The Hypotrome de la Sepier, 1 Semin des courses, 31000 Toulouse
  • Site 3 – South: Site Barran, 112 cm des Cots de Peck David, next to State de Peck-David 31400 Toulouse
  • Site 4 – North: Dinus des Jordines and Espace Verts, next to the Ginestas wastewater treatment plant.

In addition, Toulouse Townhall has decided to hold twenty concerts in the hearts of Toulouse districts to “get as close as possible to Toulouse.”

Details of 20 concerts

On July 7, 2021, he describes the performances of these concerts:

  • Arnaud-Bernard District> Meeting place Arnaud-Bernard. Artists: Soup (fan song) and archival (world music)
  • Amitoniers District> Le Dracasin Bowls Pitch Junction – Rs 119 des Amidoniers. Artists: Supermetrope and Éricnemo (genre)
  • Saint-Opeen District> Junction Saint-Ope. Artists: The Watt (Rock on Roll) and Escombier Roots Ball (Occitan Ball)
  • Saint-Cyprian District> Appointment Raymond VI Garden. Artists: Le Petit Orchester de Saint-Cybe (Musett)
  • Crooks-de-Pierre District> Maurice Beacon Garden Meeting – Rs 19 Theodore Riviere. Artists: Blonde Winter (popular song) and Addis Black Mamba (Etio Jazz)
  • Bagatelle District> Meeting in front of Bagatelle District House. Artists: CAU (rap), Cab’inc (zouk’nroll) and Salpicon (Latin American music)
  • Our Rasool District> Meeting place for Borosol Park – Stumbling Poohville. Artists: Class 3 (SCA / Ditch / Reggae / World Music)
  • Minims District> Meeting Nougat Garden – 90s General Borboki. Artists: Les Fanflours Brass Band (fans) and The Sweatycots-Jazz)
  • Lalande District> Meeting place at Violet Park. Artists: Pattida (Latin-Samba Music)
  • Puerto Rico District> Meeting place Carre de la Mourin. Artists: Yliade (international genre)
  • Bonfoy District> Junction Point Michael Garden. Artists: Crazy Comets (Rock and Roll)
  • Rosrey District> Meeting Place Mykon Garden – 70 cm Mykon. Artists: Course Trio (World Music)
  • Cote d’Ivoire District> Meeting Place Pierre Larus Garden – Rs Pierre Larus. Artists: Crane de Swing (Swing, Gypsy Jazz)
  • Bond des Demoicells District> Meeting place for Saint-Xpuri Park – 136 Avenue Antoine de Saint-Xpuri. Artists: Lorenzo Nacardo (Jazz)
  • Rankwell District> Gymnasium Junction Moulin – 7 Avenue des Ecoles Jules Julian Entrance. Artists: Shaw (Groove Funk) and Royal Swing Trio (Gypsy Jazz)
  • Emballo / Neil District> Neil Estate Junction. Artists: Pachyphosouk (alternative rock) and weeping widows (blues, world music)
  • Saint-Martin-to-Touch District> Saint-Martin-to-Touch District Town Hall Junction. Artists: Irina Gonzalez Quartet (Cuban Music) and The Dirty Birds (Rock and Roll)
  • BELLIFONTINE DISTRICT> Public space meeting in front of the Albanyville Cultural Center. Artists: UGP (Rhythm and Multicultural Songs) and Roots of Rum (Latin-Cuban Music)
  • Saint-Simon County> Junction Marcel Sarkozy Ground – Semin de Liford. Artists: FM80 (80s music)
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Mandatory masks

Admission to these concerts is free, but will be filtered by security check. The concerts will be held “with respect to prohibition gestures and wearing a compulsory mask,” Townhall notes.

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