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Outils gratuits pour envoi de fichiers lourds

Top 6 free tools to send large files

With the advent of regulation, companies are cutting back on improving the number of employees working locally Telecommunications. A real joy for a few, because they can work in their pajamas. Except for a few Remote joint work A real test. (Especially if you are working on a large project with prints or visuals in PSD version can send soon).

Are you one of those people who respects your privacy and actively seeks out freemium tools without commitment? Except WeTransfer et SmashBe aware that there are many alternative ways to send your bulky deliveries.

Find my Choose from free online tools to send your heavy files With complete peace of mind … while respecting your deadline.

Let’s go!

1. includes an option ” Temporary file transfer “Once your files have been imported, you can choose their validity period of 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. You have the option to add a password and delete the file after the first download.

Send large files over the web

An object that makes avoidance possible Your data is infringed And presumably protect them. Maximum size Sending your files 1 GB (per export).

Use the tool Cloudless

2. Disrout

Disrout will make it easier for you Sending your documents Importing them in the appropriate area. You can also use the traditional method of browsing and selecting your files. Thus, they are cut, encrypted and sent to the server.

Then you will get two links per file. That is, the download link and delete link to communicate with the people you want to share the file with, allowing you to delete the file at any time.

Go Dissolve

3. Jacqueline

Zaclys offers you a Free service to send large files. With its “SEND” option, select your files from your computer and enter your recipient’s (s) email address. After the transfer, they will receive a link Download your documents securely.

With 1 GB per transfer ! Your files will be automatically compiled into a compressed folder in zip format for easy download.

Try Jacqueline

4. Send GB

SendGB allows free shipping up to 5GB. Thanks for this tool, Email your files Or link. The validity period of the file varies from 1 day to one week. But if you want to send more files at once, you need to subscribe to the paid version.

You can send your files

In fact, SendGB offers an additional 1 TB of storage and one Send up to 20GB Simultaneously with its tariff settlement.

Find out Send GB

5. April

The solution in the chopper allows you Share resize encrypted files With the attachment automatically expiring. Clever and highly practical, this tool will give you the opportunity to keep the privacy of your content sharing private.

But in Chappell, make sure your content is not always online. Maximum file upload size is 1 GB per upload.

Start your investigation April

6. Drop Infini

Drop Infinite is a tool Free file transfer With the option to delete the file after the first download. Here again, this is a solution that ensures the security of its data by giving priority A single export per recipient.

Free file transfer tool

You can create a password and compress it into a zip archive before sending the files. Once imported, they are available for 24 hours to 45 days depending on your preference. The maximum size for each upload is 1GB.

Test Leave Infini


This Choose free tools to send files A real alternative to your regular tools including WeTransfer. If you want to benefit from extra features or large exports, feel free to check out the free versions to see their potential. You can subscribe if their paid versions are appropriate.

SendGB is the only tool that can send 5 GB per ship In its free version. As for other solutions, they all allow you to send up to 1GB of data, but not anymore.

You, whatever tool you use Send your large files ?

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