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Top 5 Real Money Games In Canada

Casino games are fun, casino games are beautiful, casino games are interesting, and they are a pretty good way to up your bank account balance. With lots of amazing bonus deals and jackpot games, it’s not far-fetched to rake in some cash from gambling from time to time. 

A real money casino game should bring profit to a gambler. This drive is what makes for the rapid growth in online casinos, with operators bringing the best deals in the market. But, for you to profit as needed, you need to be sure of the real money games in Canada, with good bonus offers, gaming experiences, and legit sites to play them in.

And that’s what we’ll be looking at in this article. 

5 Real Money Games In Canada

Just as we mentioned before, you need a site with games that pay real money. There are so many real money games in Canada available both on and offline, but we’re going to get familiar with some of these real money games and how they work. 

You need to know the right ones and get on with your betting. 

  1. Baccarat

The Baccarat game is an interesting table game that involves dealing eight decks of cards from a shoe. The game can come in two forms, either via a live session or RNG software. Either way, it’s the same game. 

You can win money playing this game just by having a low house edge, with even odds between players and dealers and a payout of 98% on average, you stand a fair chance at winning from the game. Some online casinos that offer this game include N1 Casino, Bruno Casino, Rocketplay casino etc. 

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  2. Keno

Keno is an interesting game you can find in Canadian casinos both on and offline. It is almost like lottery numbers. You have between 1-20 numbers, after which you then choose 20 numbers from a pool of 80. If you have matching numbers with the selected numbers, you win. 

You can win a Keno game when you play with real money. And you can withdraw your winnings as long as wagering requirements have been met and you’re good to go. The RTP and odds of the game vary, depending on the number you pick. 

  3. Roulette 

The Roulette game is another interesting game you can find in Canadian casinos. Players bet against the bank, i.e. the house or owner of the game, by predicting which coloured compartment with numbers on a revolving wheel the small ball will rest on. The bets are placed on a table with marks that align with the wheel’s compartment. 

While the game can be enjoyable, it is important to know that some bets are more likely to pay out more than others. The fewer numbers you have in your bet, the more your chances of winning. 

  4. Slots

The slot is a game that has a set of reels and different symbols. In a game round, the reels spin and stop. The wins are then calculated with the symbols new position after the spinning. This game type goes by different names in various locations. There are no special skills required to play slots. It’s as simple as picking a bet and spinning. 

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You will find them in the list of real money Canadian games. There are different types of slots games you can bet on, such as Bubble Bubble, Reels of Wealth, Cash Bandit, etc. 

And if you’re more inclined towards wagering on football, some of the slot games you can try out are Football Star, Champions Goal, etc. 

They are available in Canadian casinos like All Slots, Jackpot City, and some others. 

 5. BlackJack

Blackjack is all about making sure you get closer to 21 before your dealer and without going over it. It begins with two cards, while you get more chances to add more cards to your set till you’re close to the number 21. The dealer also does the same. What happens if you go above 21, that means you lose, but if you beat the dealer, you get to double your money. 

You can play blackjack in some popular online casinos, and also there are different types of this game such as Spanish Blackjack, switch blackjack, European blackjack, etc. The best way to play the game is to stake low bets while building up your bankroll for higher risks. 


So far, there are many other legit real money games available in Canada, but all these highlighted in this article are but a few. When picking a good real money game, you should first check the licensing, the authority behind the casino. 

This helps to put your mind at ease, and also, from the deposit bonus offers, you can tell how they work and what your payout should look like as you keep playing. Plus, registration on the site takes almost no effort to do. 

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But you must not forget that even though we listed these games as real money games, you can only get money when you bet money. This is a warning for you so that you don’t play the demo versions of some of them and expect to win cash, especially online.