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Updates maps will be reduced to avoid controversy -

Updates maps will be reduced to avoid controversy –

Star Citizen Continues its longest growth path and Do not feed controversyDecided by the developers of Cloud Imperium Change the layout of road maps Makes them concise and concise, not to feed false beliefs, or anything like that.

Developers have actually noticed that even the most passionate users get impatient with frequent visits Postponements Used for features announced during road maps, it has chosen a single solution: reduce the visibility of incoming messages by selecting to publish only the smallest parts of the update programs.

“More and more users are looking at road maps Predictions like promises“, Reads the latest update released on the site dedicated to Star Citizen.

“The constant complaints that arise every time have become a distraction for Cloud Imperium Games and any fans waiting to join our community and game,” says an update released by Roberts Space Industries.

Cloud Imperium Games is the solution to avoid these controversies, hence Contact limit Future updates illustrate only part of the upcoming updates, which are very close to being published: in practice, it will no longer provide up-to-date news for “any updates not scheduled for the next link or scheduled for the quarter”. “Shows projections that may be subject to a higher percentage of the probability of procrastination”.

Anyway, we saw that 2021 was the best year for Star Citizen in terms of revenue, so despite the controversy, the project will definitely move forward.