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How Do I Trust Online Casino Sites

In the world of gaming, online casinos have earned quite “the reputation” for having a large customer base, with gaming content and deals engaging enough to sustain their gaming desires. 

Online casinos enable their players to wager and participate in casino games via the internet. But even with the advantage of virtual gaming, the problem of security wanting to know which sites are legit enough for your money always poses an issue. 

This makes us source for ways to ensure you get a legit site, and we’ve compiled a few pointers on the right choice. 

How to Identify Legitimate Casino Sites

As much as you have legit casinos, even with no deposit bonuses online, a few sites are not entirely reliable or seem to perform shady activities.

For you to identify the legit online casinos, we have a few guides to help you determine if you’re making the right choice in your decision to get a trusted gambling site. 

  • Ownership

Research on the ownership of a casino is a good way to start when identifying a legit casino. There are both existing and new casinos. Advisably, we would recommend you patronize an already existing casino with a reputation but, we also recommend giving a try to some of the new casinos building a reputation for themselves. So bearing this in mind, you can decide after checking the ownership if you’d still want to register. 


  • Licensing 

It is important to check the licensing of an online casino before taking action to register using your details and all. A good casino will be registered under and regulated by an appropriate authority. Online casinos have several bodies that do this task. However, not all of them can be trusted except a few with reputations such as The Government of Curacao and Gibraltar, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, etc. 

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A casino should at least choose one regulatory body. 

  • Bonus

Bonuses and other promotional offers are things to look for when checking for a good site. Tricky bonus offers are not known to legit casinos. They usually have clearly stated terms on bonus deals and wagering requirements. 

Although you may encounter some no-wagering casinos, you can still check for other pointers to ensure they’re still legit. 

  • Customer Support 

In any business organization, it is important to create a means where customers can reach you and you can help with whatever they may need. Good customer service is a good sign of legitimacy. Casinos invest large sums over time to ensure their customer service is as interactive as possible. And with real people too. 

Gaming Softwares Behind Trusted Casino Sites

Gaming Software is another perfect way of determining how legit a casino is. Reputable software developers are good pointers when deciding based on the software behind the game. Some of these developers include Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, etc. 

Let’s briefly look at some of the developers and their backgrounds. 

  • Microgaming: Starting in 1994, it has tremendously advanced in the gaming industry over the years. By 2014 January, a software was released called Microgaming Power Software, and sites that are powered through this software usually give bonuses. And maybe from time to time other benefits such as autoplay, etc. 
  • Real-time Gaming: This software is easy to use. It comes with good graphics, high speed, and other cool features. Take note that this software is updated regularly, so you can’t be behind when it comes. It was established in 1998 in Georgia. 
  • Playtech: With some amazing features like good graphics and top-notch playability, Playtech has made some major progress in the gaming world. Coupled with the real casino experience they give, table games having live dealers can be played through Webcam. And they’re the only ones offering this function. Intriguing gaming experiences are what they provide. 
  • Novomatic: Novomatic was established to cater for physical slot machines on land. Although now, the story is changing as they’ve expanded their services online due to the high demand for gambling games. You can get the games via streaming or no-download software. It has a great graphical layout. 
  • IGT: Similar to Novomatic, IGT dealt in slot machine design for physical casinos. In the year 2005, they went into online gambling shortly after purchasing the WagerWorks brand, and they’ve been doing great. IGT stands for Interactive Gaming Technology. 
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So far, these are some of the good pointers to a legit online casino. With so many sites and offers, you could get carried away and make the wrong choices but if you’ve read this and keep in mind the pointers, then you can easily identify which is true and which smells fishy. 

Some other things to look out for can be the payment system of the casino. Be careful of platforms asking you for more details than needed. To just be on the safe side, as we’ve mentioned earlier, just go for an already existing casino with a reputation over time and work with that. With these tips, you should be able to identify which online casino to trust or not.