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Andrea Chiriatti. Foto Sara Angiolino

Alpha Pharma Bisekley wants to win again

The understandable regret for two consecutive long-distance defeats to access the final home match of the T2 mini-round was transformed into extra power. WeekAlpha Pharma Piccli Definitely marked by: Team of Coaches Gigi Marinelli He is more angry than ever and ready for redemption. To prove the value of a team that has been able to gain credibility, respect and success, everyone wants to leave the inevitable and unexpected empty passes of Cadenzaro and Reggio Calabria. 17:45 First LNP Platform Boss) Nerassuri Molfetta will receive basketball on Baladolman’s schedule compared to the thirteenth day of the Serie P Old Wild West competition. Andrea Siriatti And the guys don’t want to admit anything else and can approach the second stage with determination, agility, and athletic enthusiasm. This is necessary for the stability of the enemy, which is not to be taken lightly: keeping the former Cambodia, Bini, Vicente and allies in the Gulf will not be an easy task without the right mindset.

One obvious shock is that Alpha Pharma has to give it immediate protection, near and far from the basket: finding the missed intensity in Calabria is the first task of every Lions player. A very different rhythm and ideas from those displayed in the two distant matches will be displayed on the other side of the attack: Bissekli is confident in the environment and fully aware of the qualities of a team that is at the top of the standings and should be there. So, it will require a better performance from Vittal and Dadio, Chirac and Calantino, San Duchess and Mareska, Caesareas and Czech, and of course Captain Siriati, to be perfect for competitors and from here onwards pursue the maximum goal for subsequent engagements. Gaining the strength and mental energy to go the other way with clear ideas: There is no other recipe for the young neurosurgery team called to recover.

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The match between Alpha Pharma Bissekli and Molbetta will be hosted by Rome’s Giacomo Fabri and Tario de Gennaro.