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Tomaso Stanzani insulted: he responds by dancing

On Instagram, Tommaso Stanzani showed himself back in an erotic dance with Tommaso’s sister Gaya Sorsi in a fun distance challenge. The dancer released all the insulting comments he received and responded with his greatest enthusiasm: dance.

Tomaso Stanzani On Instagram he started a fun challenge to Tomaso Sorsi’s sister Gaya Sorsi. In fact, this time they are all together Holidays No less in the mountains and excitement! The Dancer, Wearing a sweatshirt and bare chest he engaged in a wild ride Dance Tomaso Sorci lying on the bed was completely absorbed in his smartphone.

In the meantime, Tomaso Stanzani He published some stories of his erotic steps and enjoyed himself in a good way. However, as usual, the Haters I’m always wandering around, and this time the dancer has a lot of criticism, and he responded in his own way!

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Tommaso Stanzani: Insult on Instagram

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The Dancer He released one of the videos where he laughed and danced, exaggerating all the comments that were on his body: “How is that? Slim? “, To homosexuals: “A homosexual Lack of talent “ In fact, there are many who have highlighted how Tomaso Stanzani, Especially after leaving the Amici 20, the negative change came: “You can no longer dance because you are paired with the Tommaso GF!”.

Heavy Reviews And the way she dances: “Always the same steps, but she reads instead of focusing on rumors!”, “She looks like a Cubist”.

The Dancer Despite all the insults he received, he responded with what he wanted most Dance And with his smile. He was just like her boyfriend Tomaso Sorsi, He learned to deal with haters who are unfortunately always ready to attack the web. Tomaso Stanzani, However, he seems to understand that the best way to respond is to show indifference and actually smile!

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