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Today on TV, Men and Women: Previews, Gemma Download Cataldo?

Another episode of the men & women dating show airs today: the episode will focus entirely on Gemma Calcani.

As usual this afternoon on Colonel 5 you can see the evolution of the emotional stories of the protagonists Men and women. The focus will be entirely on today’s episode Gemma Kalkani And in search of the best man. Between last year and this year, Turin broke up with his wife, Maricio, because she found out that the man was having an affair with another woman.

The discovery undermined the confidence she had previously had in Knight and convinced her to give up dating. In recent weeks, his path into the project seemed to be turning towards a turning point Cataldo. Knight, in fact, was very interested in learning about Gemma, and last week the girl invited him to a house party.

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Men and Women: Gemma Download Cataldo?

The meeting with Knightie did not go as Gemma had hoped. Tronista was angered by Cataldo’s behavior and, according to him, was very irresponsible in immediate developments. After dinner, the two sat on the couch to deepen their knowledge, and the lawyer showed himself a lot Dishonest, Immediately seeks physical contact: he touches her legs and he even puts his head on them.

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Gemma explained that she had been forced to dismiss him on more than one occasion after complaining about the excessive health of the crowd, claiming what had happened. At that point Cataldo picked up the floor and explained that he had tested the woman because he wanted to see if she was there. First meeting. He explained that he had no interest in women engaging immediately and that Gemma’s rejection of him sharpened his interest. Kalkani, who appears to be angered by this attitude, is not much convinced by this explanation, will the woman end her acquaintance with Cataldo forever?