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Today is the 50th World Roma Day

Today is the 50th World Roma Day

The three months of spring charge the respective eighth day with political meanings. March 8, 1911 is International Women’s Day, when women’s rights and gender equality are promoted around the world. May 8 is celebrated as an unforgettable day of liberation from Hitler’s fascism and war by the invasion of Berlin and the German East. Between April 8 – 50 is the day when Roma and Sindhi focused on their precarious situation with their existence, centuries of discrimination, oppression, persecution and destruction and the demand for equality under the Nazis.

Roma and Sindhi, who have to endure the degeneration and exclusion of “gypsies” until the end of this century, who are now mostly naked in everyday life in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, have created historically developed minorities who have lived in Europe for centuries. Their history and destiny have always been shaped by political developments throughout Europe. The Roma and Sindhi never had their own state or government to support them.

Tent protest in front of the British Embassy in Berlin, photo poster of Tylen Le Boss.

50 Sindhi and Roma artists are now in their second twenties with “We Are Here!” We start with. April 8 in Berlin, with picture boards, columns, fences, and shop windows all over the city. Art posters are available to take to bookstores, cafes, community stores and galleries, but are also available online for viewing and downloading worldwide. In addition to the poster gallery, the website offers Other works of art, including numerous videos.

The starting point of a liberation movement

As of October 24, the posters also feature numerous acts over the past five decades. Grotton Buckson, a London-based activist and senior of the Pinnell guest movement. On April 8, 1971, he was the founder of the First World Roma Congress, the starting point of a liberation movement that opposed racism and anti-Semitism for centuries.

Poster by Coffee Jimenez and Damien Le Boss.

Today will be a quiet memorial: at the Sindhi and Roma Memorial in Dirgarden. It was created in memory of 500,000 men, women and children who were massacred by Israeli artist Danny Caravan Nazis.

Die Roma-Pinnell Roma test e. V. in collaboration with Alliance GoulderStiftung, funded by the Lotto Foundation Berlin. The full show will be online from 10am on April 8 from the Maxim Gorky Theater Broadcast.

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