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Le véhicule Orion de la Nasa et son module de service fourni par l'Agence spatiale européenne. Ce module a pour fonction de propulser la capsule Orion, d'assurer son contrôle thermique et de lui fournir la puissance électrique nécessaire à son bon fonctionnement, en plus de stocker les réserves d'eau, d'oxygène et d'azote. © ESA, D. Ducros

To the animated moon of Artemis spacecraft Orion’s plane

The European Space Agency has uploaded a video that provides an overview of NASA’s first unmanned spacecraft, for which it provides a service module. This video focuses on the role of the service module that equips Orion. This is an opportunity to tell you a little more about this module that is essential for the functioning of the Orion vehicle. American astronauts will drink and breathe Made in Europe !

The European service module is the contributionThat For the spacecraft Orion. In this context, ESA funds the development and production of the first service modules with $ 450 million. This amount corresponds to the concept of rent to be paid to the ESA NASA For the period 2018-2020. Contributions made within the framework of Barter element, An organization set up by partners of the International Space Agency, each funding its utility roleISS By providing a service equal to its contribution. As of 2017, the ESA has fulfilled its obligations with its five obligationsATV.

This unrefined service module is 4.1 meters in diameter, 2.7 meters long (4 meters with motor) in the form of a cylinder, and consists of four solar panels with a surface area of ​​19 solar. It was designed and built by Airbus. A Mass The total will be slightly more than 13 tons, and this volume will carry 8.6 tonsergols It has a main propulsion system and operates 32 micro propellers. In addition to its core impulse and approach control capability, it provides power, heat control (keeping the vehicle at the right temperature) and the power needed for proper operation of the vehicle. In addition to storing water reserves,Oxygen And d ‘azote, Which may carry additional cargo.

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The Orion vehicle was the first uninhabited mission to orbit the moon

Orion’s first mission, carried out in part Artemis Project Again நிலா, Planned for 2021. Named Artemis1, This mission will consist of a drone orbiting the moon, which will follow a similar trajectory of travel Apollo Using 8 Gravity Moon to get Speed And about 70,000 kilometers beyond the moon, about half a million kilometers from Earth – farther than any man has ever traveled. On the return journey, Orion will fly above the moon before returning to Earth. This task will take approximately 20 days and will end with swimming in the Pacific Ocean without a service module, which will separate from the vehicle and burn.Atmosphere.

The success of Artemis 1 stipulates that Americans return to the moon by 2024

The purpose of this work is to verify both the capsule’s performance and service module before using it for human aircraft, Initiator SLS This test aircraft will lead the first mission with a crew on board (Artemis 2), and then to Artemis 3, the same aircraft will send two Astronauts Americans, one woman and one man, landed on the moon in 2024 (if Donald Trump’s successor maintains this date).

As a reminder, the Orion capsule has already performed a test flight without its service module. Prepared in December 2014 and baptized Study Flight Test1 (EFT-1), the purpose test of this aircraft Heat shield, The largest built for a capsule (five meters in diameter), then check avionics, access control and capsule settings Parachutes. In July 2019, NASA conducted the test Emergency output shutdown system (Rescue Tower). The purpose of this test is to test the actual conditions under which astronauts will be detected in the event of a problem or explosion.