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Tips and Tricks: Beware of being removed by fake Microsoft websites

Tips and Tricks: Beware of being removed by fake Microsoft websites

Bavaria’s Consumer Center warns of fraudulent links and downloads

A new variant of this scam, known for many years with fake Microsoft employees, is currently in circulation. “Fake Microsoft websites increase the risk of consumer vulnerability,” warns Dodzana Ham, of the Bavarian Consumer Center. A misspelling or incorrect link when entering a Microsoft web address into a browser can lead to one of several fraudulent copies of the Microsoft website. If you want to download the software there or enter your product key to install the desired computer program, an error message will appear. The user is prompted to call the alleged support hotline. “Fraud is fraud because people are asked to install an app during a conversation during a call. The anti-fraud employee uses PC access to this software, ”the lawyer warns. This gives the fraudster the opportunity to import false computer messages or malware. As a result, the consumer can no longer use his or her computer. The deceived person will have to pay to repair his computer.

Support for fraud protection

“To protect themselves, consumers need to make sure they have an official Microsoft website for downloading software,” Ham advises. “It’s best not to enter the address yourself and click on the links.” According to Microsoft, it will never display error messages with a supported phone number. If you have somehow called such a number, do not allow the wrong staff to access your own computer under any circumstances. If this has already happened, the device should be disconnected from the Internet immediately. Any malware already installed should be removed with the help of an IT technician and the system will need to be reset. It is better to change all passwords. Victims should report a fraud case to the police. In addition, Microsoft provides a complaint form www .micro soft .com / de – DE / concern / s cam Ann. More information is available www .ver bra cher zen tra le -bay ern .de.

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