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4K / 60fps confirmed in Ray Tracing, uploads instant

4K / 60fps confirmed in Ray Tracing, uploads instant

The news has already been leaked via a video released by PlayStation Portugal, but now the official confirmation has come from Sony: PS5 owners can enjoy the return 4K resolution (Dynamic) At 60 frames per second with ray tracing enabled.

Details have been made public on the official PlayStation pages, which state:

“By exploitationHardware dedicated to PS5 radiation tracking, We are able to provide high quality lighting in real time. Our global lighting system uniquely adapts to the practical harmony of the game world, while the path of the neon-light bullets creates the team-famous dream arcade atmosphere.

By keeping the game at the forefront of everything, Housemark ensures the highest quality of performance. Thanks to the incredible power of the PS5, Returnal’s unique world of violent warfare and threatening aesthetics Offered as 60 frames per second and dynamic 4K resolution.

There will be another PS5 feature that will take full advantage of the return High-speed SSD that guarantees instant loading times, Or almost: Below is a small demonstration of how quickly we can get out of a part of the alien world that awaits us.

Will return Now it is close to its official launch on the PlayStation 5: the title will be released exclusively on the next gen console on April 30th. If you have not yet decided on a purchase, you may want to check it out An hour-long game in Italian. And for all the information, we refer you to us Return preview.

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