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TikTok Community, Algorithm and Advertising

TikTok Community, Algorithm and Advertising

OTTA, a specialist in social media strategies, has released a complete white paper on TikTok and its application to brands.

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Strategy, content and influence

TikTok is, above all, a powerful algorithm that allows users to suggest relevant content. This algorithm, which is very different from other social networks, gives a very significant organic visibility to the quality content. OTTA goes into great detail about the very specific functionality of this algorithm and the viral predictions that sometimes explain the sometimes unequal success of video creators with certain subscribers. Another peculiarity of Alcoa: Sometimes old content can get a second life and go viral a few weeks after they are released.

OTTA uses this white paper to provide relevant advice on essential actions to be taken on the network:

  • Create short content,
  • Encourage Review For example, thanks for looping,
  • Make the algorithm easier to understand by adding metadata: title, text and hashtags,
  • Allow time for content to go.

To design quality content, it is essential to have a well-defined editorial. Here again, OTTA generates a number of related tips such as the importance of autonomy and should not search for content ” Perfect“Other important points: Respect the site’s codes, publish them regularly, and perform tests.

To illustrate all of these tips, White Paper shares Noholio’s testimonials and tips with 5 million subscribers and 255.5 million options.

TikTok Ads: How to create effective ads

TikTok has an advertising network that enables social networking brands to utilize the vast inventory of goods offered. But here again, some codes need to be respected to be effective and efficient.

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You need to keep 2 goals in mind:

  • Provide an accurate message to an upstream configured audience,
  • Achieve marketing objectives without contaminating the account with business content. You have to use this Dark postsIt is not known in chronological order.

The strategy to keep in mind anyway is best summed up by TikTok:

Do not do ads. Create TikTok ads.

Here are some great practices to follow for successful advertising:

  • A video, short and attractive, in vertical format
  • Make an impact from the beginning of the video,
  • A relaxed tone,
  • Browsing trends,
  • Create content exclusively for Dictoc.

Making good use of TikTok is really a great marketing channel. As OTTA points out, people of all ages can be found on the network, including those in their 30s and 50s who are most interested.

To illustrate a good advertising strategy, OTTA returns to campaigns specifically for Cusinella. With lower delivery costs, the brand was able to generate a greater number of deliveries and records.

To know more about the subject, do not hesitate to download the complete ebook.

Download White Paper