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NVIDIA RTX 4000 : un nouveau design à 3 ventilateurs pour les Founders ?

3 fans for the founder version AD102?

New day, new rumor about the next graphics cards Nvidia GeForce RTX4000. Here is a rumor that talks about a possible new design for the next design RTX 4000 Founder Edition basically Three fans And no longer two. This information is coming back to us from லீ kopite7kimi leaker on Twitter. This new cooling system is AD102 GPU (PG136 / 139). This can say two things. First, This leak is incorrect in photos of the cooling systemOr this three-fan cooling system may interfere with other specific situations.

The three-fan cooling system is actually quite effective RTX-4090. In fact, if you take the RTX 3090 Ti with its already high 450W DTP, all custom models will be cooled by three fans or an all-in-one water cooler. If the RTX 4090 has a higher TDP of 600W (now also called 450W), two fans will not be enough. So it can be forced Nvidia Switch to a more efficient system with three fans. Keep in mind that unlike AMD, which has already developed the AiO and three-fan cooling system, NVIDIA has never surpassed the two-fan bar in its founder version designs.

We had a similar rumor before the launch of the RTX 3000s, but since most of the larger models featured a cooling system with a fan on each side, it may have relied on NVIDIA labs for the engineering model. On the other hand, this is not the first time we have talked about a cooling system with three fans. We already talked at the end of March.

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Also, our favorite leak was confirmed to agree with Wccftech’s information, so started RTX-4090 Held only during the monthOctober Not in July. RTX 4080 November and The RTX4070 In December. About RTX4060There is talk of an introduction during CES 2023. Delay brand release to increase stock flow.