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Through the Green Pass for workers, the government fulfills its responsibilities

Duty to workers makes everyone happy and incites citizens against each other. In this way politics washes its hands

The country is in danger of going into chaos on Friday or anytime Green Pass will be mandatory for all workers Not only have many types of strikes and demonstrations in the public and private sectors been declared to a bitter end (the situation that is developing at this time in Trieste port is very worrying), but in fact, It is almost impossible to verify the passes of all workers.

Think about them Nearly 5 million Italian citizens have chosen not to be vaccinatedThe alternative available to them is to take a wipe every 48 hours and avoid working, dismissal or salary suspension. And if some companies decided to cover the cost of tampons for employees, perhaps by equipping themselves within their facilities, this option would not be possible in many other workplaces.

Despite some government officials announcing the Green Pass as a panacea for all of Italy’s economic woes, It is unthinkable that adhering to a green card is the only way to end the epidemic. Vaccines are the solution to combat the virus and finally cause fear and this virus has been causing worldwide for almost two years and it is useless to deny it. But imagine leaving alternatives without forcing everyone to be vaccinated. Leaving the responsibility of ending the epidemic to the citizens, This is a bad revenge move.

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There is a continuum with the previous government in this error. The management of the Conte II government’s epidemic crisis is tragic: although closures are necessary in the first place, the purchase of the vaccine boasts catastrophic bargaining for pharmaceutical reasons at a huge cost, not to mention legal issues. Dominico is a major fraud in the first products of arcury and masks and sanitary ware and Failure of the Italian vaccine Reitera. The worse the fear spread, the more the media was primarily responsible for the public hysteria.

To avoid being overly popular, the Drake government now decides on duty, but only: you want to travel by train or plane, enter a cinema or theater, go to a club, a hotel, a school, have a coffee at the counter and so on. Somehow avoidable things, they represent a community that is not practical, but it is impossible to choose what does not work, so Since October 15, everyone has a duty to actually be vaccinated.

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At this time many workers are asking for free tampons, which will make everyone happy: those who use them will be tested once every two days, Citizens who are not vaccinated will be financed in their own pockets by those who decide not to be vaccinated And health officials who are well aware of the fact that tampons do not stop infection are only a placebo for those who oppose the vaccine. Not to mention that it is very difficult for pharmaceutical companies to get 15 million tampons a month to meet this need. But with this formula The government washes its hands: Duty is only for those who work, it seems like a small thing. A solution that engages citizens against citizens and workers against colleagues, without taking political responsibility for it.

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