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After 13 years, an update removes games for Windows Live -

After 13 years, an update removes games for Windows Live –

Fall3 Released in 2008, in the first phase of the short and painful existence Games for Windows Live, As part of a group of games that support the questionable Microsoft service, to the frustration of many PC users, it always seemed like smoke in the eyes, was there until yesterday, all of a sudden Removed with update.

Games for Windows Live are aimed at creating a kind of connection point between Xbox and PC, bringing some console features such as unlocked achievements and social features. Heavy and annoying For PC users, the whole thing was removed in 2014, seven years after it was launched.

In the following years, most of the titles launched in games for Windows Live were upgraded to remove platforms such as Dark Souls: Ready for Die Version, Red Section: Guerrilla and last year GTA4.

Fall 3, a scene from the game

Interestingly, Pallwood 3 is tied to the service in question, although it has not for many years.

In the end, only at a distance 13 years, Bethesda has decided to remove the platform, has released an update for Fallout 3 in the last few hours, which has removed traces of games for Windows Live from the game. Considering that the title is still played and supported by many motors, the news will still be happy for many players even if time passes at this point.

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