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Good news for FC Bayer: Eintracht Frankfurt gets a point in Leipzig - Sport

Good news for FC Bayer: Eintracht Frankfurt gets a point in Leipzig – Sport

Lawn Ball Game Leipzig no longer has the chance to headline the Bundesliga with his hands. Julian Knollsmann’s team only scored 1-1 (0-0) against Eintracht Frankfurt on Sunday. The gap for front runner FC Bayern Munich is now back to four points. Emil Forsberg (46th minute) gave Leipzig the lead before Daisy Kamata (61st) equalized.

If they want to get back on track for a Bull Ball game victory at Peelfeld next Friday, they could close the gap on home record champions on April 3rd. Until then, the only Bayern hunter is verbally defensive. “We think gradually, we don’t want to lose our grip,” CEO Oliver Mindsloff said before the game.

F.C. Adi Hutter’s side, who brought Leipzig back to the title race after Hesson’s 2-1 win over Bayern, had to do without Martin Hindereger (thigh problems) for the first time this season. Sebastian Rod, Daisy Kamata and Lucas Dutta moved into the starting lineup. Hawker wanted to surprise Knoglesman in his line, and above all relied on the constant strength of the Indrach.

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But initially nothing was known about the best team in 2021. People who are greedy for Leipzig are different. In the seventh minute, Indrach keeper Kevin Tropp blocked the Leipzig lead against Justin Kluwert running towards him. He spoke out against Emil Forsberg (14th) before Willie Orban successfully dusted off – but the win was denied due to the offside. A moment of shock for Leipzig: Defensive leader Dodge Upamekano grabs his thigh after a sprint, replacing him with Lucas Clostermann (27th) suspected with a muscle injury.

The Bayern follower invested a lot in the complex game and changed quickly when he hit the ball with more pressure. But most of the last three were inaccurate – or, like in the 41st minute, Trop saved again, with a free-kick on the side against Forsberg. Kamata (39th) had previously badly missed his only goal opportunity for Hess.

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After the change, Leipzig was wide awake. Cluvert boldly stepped inside from the left, allowing Forsberg to jump forward with his long-distance shot trap before taking a brilliant lead. Paulsen may have led the next attack, but the ball went over the bar. On the other hand, Peter Kulasi (58th) saved a ball against Amin Younis. When he shot 1-1 against the free-standing Kamata, he was powerless.

When Hooter Luca Jovic arrived, Leipzig again increased the pressure: Ivan Endica saved after the Holstenberg cross from Paulsen (66th) ready to shoot. Trap then spoke out against Dan (74). Knucklesman then teamed up with Christopher Nungu and Danny Olmo to rely on new attacking forces in the final stage. Jovic delivered the victory to the guests from close range (81st). (dpa)