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Three useful tips for YouTube

Three useful tips for YouTube

01.06.2021 – 10:28

Great features for users
Three useful tips for YouTube

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These functions of YouTube can be very useful.

Almost everyone knows YouTube, but not all of them use the practical functions that a video site should provide. Here is a brief overview of three features that are particularly useful.

YouTube’s popularity is undeniable. According to video site data, more than 1.9 billion users worldwide log in to consume content each month. Accordingly, a total of more than a billion hours of videos are watched every day. But by no means should all users use the following practical functions of the site.

Then save the videos

If you do not have time to watch the clip sent by a colleague or friend, or just want to relax and watch a long video after work, you can easily save the content later. All users have to do is click or tap the “Save” button at the bottom of the video.

Here, in the browser and in the application, you can choose whether to save the content in the general “Watch Later” list or choose one of the self-created ones. For example, users can also create collections of music videos, movie trailers or the like according to their own preferences. Using the three lines in the upper left, users can then call the relevant list in the browser and watch the video stored directly there. In use, you can find the whole thing in what is called a library.

Split the clip at a certain point

If you want to send a clip to another person, you can directly select where the video should start when the recipient clicks on the link. To do this, watch the video yourself up to the desired starting point, pause and right-click on the video window in the browser and invite the “Copy video URL at present” function. The corresponding link is now on the clipboard, for example, can be copied as an ambassador.

Download videos

One of the benefits to users of the paid YouTube Premium offer is that they can simply download videos on a smartphone or tablet and watch them when there is no bad internet connection – without resorting to bad websites or websites. To do this, users must tap “Download” under the app clip. All downloaded clips can be found under “Library” / “Downloads” and then viewed while traveling by train, for example, without using any data size.

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