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Three new moto watches are expected for 2021

Three new moto watches are expected for 2021

Three new watches will be sold by eBuyNow under the Moto brand, the Canadian company acquired the rights from Motorola and the appearance of the new Moto 360.

As we mentioned in October 2019 Resurrection of the Moto 360 Watch Designed by eBuyNow. The Canadian company had in fact acquired the rights to reuse this brand for Motorola, thus enabling a new version of the watch.

EBuyNow is using its recently acquired rights to create three new watches under the Moto brand.

A slide shows eBuyNow's next product launches

A slide shows eBuyNow’s next product launches

Three new watches in 2021

In Investor presentationWe are aware that eBuyNow, which will be merging with CE brands, is preparing to launch three new smartwatches under the Moto brand. Thus, the Moto G smartwatch will be released in June and the Moto Watch and Moto One in July. Apart from their appearance, little information is available at this point.

The Moto G smartwatch takes on the key features of the Moto 360, with some differences, especially in the case, which is now clear, there are two flat buttons on the right edge. If the naming conference follows Motorola, the Moto G should be the most affordable in terms of smartwatch, thus becoming the “light” version of the new Moto 360.

The moto watch will be rectangular in shape, like thisApple Watch And displays a single button located in the middle of the right margin. As for the Moto One, its design has a circular case and thin borders.

The presentation in question indicates a partnership with Qualcomm, suggesting that the new watches will be fitted with processors. Wear 3100 Or 4100. At least we should find out soon about the Moto G smartwatch, its release is scheduled for this summer.