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Thomas Was Alone, il noto platform arriva su Nintendo Switch a febbraio

Thomas Was Alone, the popular operating system is coming to Nintendo Switch in February

Pithel Games has announced that the version Nintendo Switch Dell operating system 2D Minimalista Thomas Was Alone Available at Nintendo iShop Since February 19th.

Thomas Vaz Alone was introduced via Steam in June 2012 for PC and Mac, followed by PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in April 2013, Linux in May 2013, iOS in May 2014, Android and PlayStation 4 in July 2014, Xbox One and Wi U in November 2014.

“Thomas Was Alone is an award-winning and critically acclaimed platform game that deals with themes of friendship as you jump, fly, and float in weightlessness.

Learn about the history of the world’s first conscious AIs and how they worked together to escape… Well, I really wouldn’t say “escape” is a serious word. Maybe it’s better to say “expose”. “Emerger” has a respectful command to keep stories secret and to accommodate the twists you encounter. Not to mention the word “bounce”. It will be more.

Listen to responsive and original music composed by David Houston. Immerse yourself in the journey of your characters with this BAFTA Award winning game for the best voice story beautifully executed by Danny Wallace, solving the complex puzzles of Mike Pithel.

Thomas Was Alone: ​​Benjamin’s Flight is an additional level set that follows the story of Benjamin and his father’s fascinating discovery. Meet a new partner and familiar face at events that lead to Thomas’ appearance. “

Thomas Was Alone will arrive at Nintendo Switch on February 19th.

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