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Thomas Baskett: Who is his wife, Anne Mottet?

Thomas Baskett: Who is his wife, Anne Mottet?

She has been shining eyes for years. Thomas Baskett will leave Florida (USA) on Thursday, April 21 to join the International Space Station (ISS) on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon. An event that thousands of people follow, especially one, his partner Anne Mottet.

Anne Mottett, an engineer with a degree in National Polytechnic, is responsible for breeding policies. FAO, Rome (Italy) based United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

“He works to save the world and create crops that resist climate change,” the 43-year-old National Statue told Liberation in 2017 about his girlfriend.

So they did not live together. When Thomas Baskett Not in space, they are usually found only twice a month on rare occasions.

This strong relationship, but at a distance, as well as the respective busy schedules do not make family life easier. This does not seem to be an issue for two lovebirds who have been in perfect love for years.

The couple has found a good balance and, for the time being, does not want to start a family. Thomas Baskett actually explained Parisian It’s about the “couple’s choice” and they have “never had so much time, or the humility to not get it”.

When they are together, the lovers like to do “very simple things,” Elle told the astronaut in an interview, with clear eyes, like going for a run, watching a movie, traveling, or walking in nature.