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Thomas Baskett shares sublime photos of French Polynesia from space

Thomas Baskett shares sublime photos of French Polynesia from space

During Emmanuel Macron’s voyage to French Polynesia, the astronaut posted photos of his Twitter account of the foreign community taken from the International Space Station.

After already showing many features of the French metropolis, Thomas Basket offers internet users the wealth of overseas territories. The French astronaut, who is currently on duty at the International Space Station (ISS), posted photos of French Polynesia he saw from space on Monday evening on his Twitter account.

“The Pacific is huge, our route rarely takes us any further than French Polynesia, but when that happens, it’s unacceptable !! There’s a reason to call it the ‘Blue of the South Seas’ …” Published on arrival.

As noted by Thomas Pesket, “Polynesia is clearly at the forefront of climate change and is affected in a very different way than the mainland of France.” “The whitening of the coral signifies more heat,” the astronaut continues with new images. “I was told about the efforts of young Polynesians to replant the coral …”

Regular snapshots on Twitter

Thomas Baskett has made these photos of France a regular encounter on his Twitter account: he is already immortal Paris, Leon, Belly-Île-en-Mer, Normandy Or Boss-de-Kalais These last weeks.

In addition to these photo activities, Thomas Baskett completed his third spaceflight at the end of June As part of this mission, which began in late April with the successful installation of a new solar panel at the International Space Station. This is the fifth shortcut from the Frenchman’s orbital station, according to NASA’s calculations, which now spends 33 hours in space vacuum.

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