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Thomas Basket destroyed the island of Turkey from space

Thomas Basket destroyed the island of Turkey from space

The French astronaut is worried about the “scary” weather events he will be observing from the International Space Station.

Fire is visible from space. Thomas Baskett, at the International Space Station 400 km above Earth, posted the worst images of the blue planet on his Instagram account.

Cupola captures photos from the window from the start of his second shelter and shares snapshots of the French astronaut burning Turkey in early August.

“Even though we are far from the station, extreme weather events are frightening,” the astronaut wrote on his Instagram account, especially with the smoke going into the Mediterranean, to show the current wildfires, especially in Turkey.

“Increased frequency and magnitude of global warming”

Turkey is currently affected by the new fire It exploded Wednesday afternoon near a thermal power plant in the south of the country. Firefighters were able to control many of the fires that threatened the infrastructure, this time having to be evacuated due to the new fire. The astronaut also shares in the same post pictures Hurricane Elsa It particularly affected the Caribbean in July.

“We know that their increased frequency and magnitude is due to global warming, and people are threatened the moment they see it from Earth’s orbit,” Thomas Baskett continues.

The astronaut, who will end next November, has finally recalledUN Sustainable Development Goal13 “Taking * Emergency * Measures to Fight Climate Change and Its Consequences”.

“I’m rational, and it seems like a good idea to ask professionals who work every day,” Thomas Baskett concludes.