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How to download videos from Youtube?

How to download videos from Youtube?

Download the YouTube video This is a great way to save your favorite video or clip of your favorite band’s song. The problem is that the tools provided by YouTube to download videos are very low in both access and quality of downloaded videos, restricting the user to 720P quality even for videos that the user has posted themselves.

The solution is to use an external tool to download quality videos at a higher quality than 720P. If you have done your research before, you know that it is possible Download youtube videos In many ways, including a browser extension or software that needs to be installed on your computer.

The problem with installing these programs is that many of them are fake, infecting your computer in some way by stealing your data and passwords by placing a keylogger or Trojan on your computer. That’s why we’re going to do everything directly to unofficial sites through the browser, so you don’t have to take much risk by downloading YouTube video to your computer.

How to download youtube video without programming?

The website we use to download videos directly from the site is The latter allows you Download youtube videos At the quality you want, including high resolutions like 2K (1440P) and 4K (2160P). Let’s go to the tutorial on how to use it.

The first step is to go to YouTube and copy the URL of the video you want to watch.After copying the URL of the desired video, follow this link to go to the savefrom website and paste the copied URL in the field provided by the website. After entering the link, the website will automatically detect the video you want to download and automatically select the MP4 720P video option. To see other video quality options available, click the arrow.

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To have sound in the video, the maximum quality you can download is 720P. If you want high quality, the video will be fully downloaded without sound. You can too Download the YouTube video One of the best quality with and without sound, then combine the two into one editing software and get the sound with high quality image.

That’s it, a YouTube video is saved to the quality you want. Keep in mind that this is not an official method. If you want to download a video in another way, but make sure everything is ok, we recommend you to use Instagram Download In I go to this link. Finally, we remind you that downloading YouTube video is not strictly for personal use (although the platform strongly denies this practice).