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Thomas Basket 50km 100km shared an incredible photo

Thomas Basket 50km 100km shared an incredible photo


Especially a great photo taken at an altitude of 400 km.

This is a breathtaking film. As French astronaut Thomas Pesket prepares to rejoin the International Space Station, he will not hesitate to post old photos of himself during his first voyage in 2016-2017 on social media. During his stay, the French wanted to share his photos in order to make millions of people dream, while at the same time showing the weakness of our planet. We are particularly reminded of the picture that clearly shows Belgium illuminating its highways at night.

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This time, Thomas Basket posted an incredible photo of the Green River on Facebook (in Utah, USA). No less than ten photos were taken to reproduce the entire river, which we see here as veins. ” This is complicated to do, it’s like a life – size puzzle (thanks to NASA experts who did all the work), but the result is a photo at 50 km / h, where you can zoom in as much as possible 2, describes the astronaut in mythology.

The photo is available in high resolution on the website European Space Agency. The ESA states that the International Space Station flies at an altitude of about 400 km “So Thomas used the longest lens available on board: 1150mm”. A remarkable decision to re-show the beauty of our earth.