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Cyberbunk 2077: Back to the PS Store, in more scheduled and multiplayer mode, CD Project once again talks about the future of the game

Cyberbunk 2077: Back to the PS Store, in more scheduled and multiplayer mode, CD Project once again talks about the future of the game

CD program Done Big announcements for his future this week. He announced that in the future, he will strengthen and diversify his staff in order to grow many more. AAA In parallel, when creating secondary projects simultaneously. Goal, 2 owners, Cyberpunk And The Witcher, Who will occupy the Polish studio for a while.

However, the team decided to reconsider their plans for multiplayer Cyberpunk 2077. There will be a multiplayer mode, but it will not be a premium product Alone Created actively and exclusively by the core team, but from the relevant experience that complements the unique experience. In one case Question-and-answer session with investors Takes place after the presentation of the future strategy, the Director General clarified this information and mentions it We own a multiplayer mode, not just for “multiplayer components” Such as online features. The ideas have been imagined for at least 2 years and will continue to be actively developed by a part of the company. On the other hand, no one knows if this will take a shape D.L.C. Free, fee extension, small Alone Or a pattern in a possible set.

At the same time he remembered it Tariff extensions were still planned, but refused to confirm their arrival in 2022 When an investor asks about it to respect the new communication policy.

Adam Kiziski: What we have just announced in our strategic update is that we are changing our policy regarding discussions about future unannounced projects. So, in the future, we will limit our speech to projects that have not yet been announced. I can confirm that we are working on extensions, nothing has changed here. As for the online game – we want to be online in our future games, but gradually. We are working on specific aspects and improving our solo, but we are not working on releasing the upcoming game, which will be a great online experience. So let’s improve our individual games with online experiences. […]

Talk about how we design our ideas online – well, the only thing we can share is that we have a new strategy, but it does not reveal in detail how we want to enrich our individual games. Of course, we have some strong ideas and role models – in fact, we started working on items online 2 years ago – and we continue to do so. The only change is that we continue to work not through our main product line, but through our by-products, with our individual products. Nevertheless, we hope that our ideas will be very exciting for players with additional experience in our world, which enriches our single player game. […]

We are changing our approach to multiplayer – as we said – we want to add some online stuff. I’m not talking about DLC or MOTS, we are not ready to discuss the details, but we want to release big changes gradually, of course we will develop AAAs in parallel. So let’s talk through parallel AAA development groups and online through another corporate unit. Multiplayer / online components will one day enhance our future single player games.

Mikhail Novakovsky, unit vice president Business development, Had to answer the question regarding the return Cyberpunk 2077 On top of that PlayStation Store. Suite Withdrawal Petition by Military They, The game is no longer available digitally on the PS4, however If the manufacturer wishes, it may soon be back to the latest updates.

Mikas Novakovsky: Regarding this process [de retour sur le PSN] – We’ve released a lot of updates – We’ve released a huge one yesterday – We’ve released a lot of fixes, and they ‘each coming closer to us returning to the PlayStation Store. However, the final decision rests with Sony. So let’s wait and see.

Despite the failure to launch Cyberpunk 2077, Polish Studio has a future for its baby, and can’t wait to see what it has in store for us. Their latest product Available from 29.99

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