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Night School Studio Actionfree 2: Lost Signals Sur Switch and Steam - Act

Night School Studio Actionfree 2: Lost Signals Sur Switch and Steam – Act

Published by MWM Interactive, which will make the game available in French this time around, Axenfree 2: Lost signals Five years after the first events draw the artistic direction of its predecessors to tell of a new supernatural adventure Axenfree. If the first game revolves around the uninhabited island of Alex and his friends, this new story revolves around a particular relay this time around, with the environmentalist returning to his hometown. Camena to investigate a strange radio frequency.

Finally Auxinfree 2: Words cannot express how happy I am to be able to talk about Lost Signals. Oxenfree is such a special game for us that it is a wonderful experience to rethink this world. We look forward to welcoming our players back as we invite newcomers to embark on an adventure with the brand new character gallery that retains the original bizarre, heartfelt and personalized experience.Sean Crankell, co-founder and director of the Night School commented.

The information ends here today, so it is not clear scntfc Back to music, which brought so much to the atmosphere of the 2016 game, but the signals are as good as they are for the artist retweeté Announcement of the game. Let’s recall modifying a projectAxenfree Mentioned earlier this year in TV series.

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