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Thoma, Banner Back, New Island and Events -

Thoma, Banner Back, New Island and Events –

MiHoYo has revealed the accompanying messagesUpdate 2.2 From Jenshi’s impact, Which includes 4 star character Toma, old banners, Inasuma’s new island and events.

Jenshin Impact Update 2.2 has been dubbed the “Danger Danger Issue”, which will be available starting Wednesday, October 13th. Between one innovation and another, Mihoyo shared new promo codes, thanks to which you can get 300 primojems and more for free. See update intro Thom As a playable character. He is a 4 star fighter who uses polar weapons and pyro elements. His Elemental Skill causes partial fire damage and creates a fiery barrier that absorbs damage based on the character’s maximum HP. Elemental Burst inflicts major pyro damage, giving the “blazing barrier” quoting inactivity and causing AoE damage by leading to static attacks. Toma has a passive ability through which he can sometimes catch two fish at once.

In addition to Toma, there will be a review of the 5-star Rare Two Character banners during the life cycle of Update 2.2: Hu Tao and Tartaglia. Great news for those who haven’t been able to get them in the past or want to increase their stardom.

Jenshin Impact Update 2.2 will see two introductions New Hangout EventsFeatures weapons, including Toma and Chayu, and the 5-star Polar Star.

Influenced by Jenshin, Thomas will be introduced with the new 4-star characters update 2.2

One of the most important innovations, however, is the new island of the Inasuma archipelago Surumi Island. During the direct voyage it was described as a mysterious place covered with dense fog, which makes it difficult for new travelers to explore. But this is a new opportunity to get your hands on the treasure chest and solve puzzles.

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When exploring Surumi Island, players must compete with two new types of opponents: i Rockfond Rifthound ET Thundergrave Rifthound. It is a kind of ghost wolves of geo and electro elements, very aggressive and agile. In addition, if they attack a character, it will receive a negative penalty, which over time will filter out life points.

Posted on miHoYo New events Version 2.2 of Jenshin Impact comes out. The first is the “Labyrinth Warriors”, where players will face dungeons with multiple levels and rooms, with the possibility to activate bonuses in battle or receive items to unlock rewards such as Primochems. Instead in “Shadow of the Ancestors” we explore a rune grader and its irregular reproduction capabilities. Collaborate with a Sumerian researcher and collect materials to create the aforementioned robot knocking devices.

In “Tune to the World’s Sounds”, we encounter a series instead Rhythm Game MiniGames, In which we need to play the melody by pressing the keys displayed on the screen at the right time. At the “Dreams of Bloom” event, we have to exchange items to get the seeds, grow the flowers in a Serenida pot, and then we can send them to other players or use them as decorations. In addition, “Lay Line Overflow” will return, during which the flower of wealth and expression will guarantee greater rewards.

Finally, the update of Jenshin Impact increases the maximum number of artifacts that can be placed in 2.2 inventories (1,000 to 1,500) and includes news Peace pot, Include the ability to get new decorations and create them on black and craft benches, as well as the ability to create flying platforms.

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As mentioned earlier, the new “Dangerous Labyrinth of Folk” update will be available from October 13th. In the meantime, you still have time to get Sangonomia Kokomi from the latest banner of Jenshin Impact version 2.1.