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This USB-C / Lightning cable spies on your keyboard

This USB-C / Lightning cable spies on your keyboard

Lightning cables are not without their dangers. Especially when they were tinkering with the MG hacker, already two years ago the security research community was able to absorb data on the Mac with its Lightning / USB-A cables. He even started Small production of this Nifty cable (But dangerous in the wrong hands).

MG is back with an upgraded version of its hack, this time for Lightning / USB-C cable! Many have told him that there is very little space in the plastic sleeve that protects the USB-C connector, which is why he wanted to prove them wrong. He made a snitch half the length of the envelope.

Question mark.

Once the OMG cable is connected to the Mac, it creates a WiFi network that the hacker can connect to; With the help of an internet interface, he can discreetly record the keyboards on the victim’s keyboard. Therefore, it is possible to obtain usernames and passwords. If the abuse is to be physically close to the spy, this new cable still runs 1.6 km away.

The cable also has geofencing functions, which allow the hacker to block the operation of the spy components based on its physical location. Of course, its design is similar to Apple’s cables, making it easier to trick a victim (MG has developed a black-clad version). Cable making is complicated not only by infection but also by a lack of components, but you can order a copy from the Hawk 5 store ($ 140)