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This unique solution will save you a lot of time

This unique solution will save you a lot of time

Released ten years ago, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Be proud to have a community of loyal players. Those who like this topic are constantly wandering around in Skyrim, Bethesda can not release a new version of his game once every 4 years. For those who continue to voice for the cobra, Here a player shares his unique solution to save a lot of time.

Saves precious time

In Skyrim, Research often takes precedence over quests. Abandoned in nature after about five minutes of tutorial, the player can travel where he is fit, sometimes rewarded for his interest, and sometimes punished by very powerful opponents. Nevertheless, the study remains an important component Skyrim. Upon further inspection, the player sometimes finds that his pockets are full. Even if it ends with a complete existence, there is nothing scary Skyrim Is similar to recession and some difficulties. Then it is not possible to run or use fast travel through the map.

It is necessary to separate some rare or hard-earned items. In Skyrim, Guys can still be a big help because they have an inventory. But as the player raises the level of progress in the game, the objects become heavier and heavier. From ebony armor and swordfish to dragon bones, the materials are very heavy. With some tolerance points, the number of items to carry rarely increases.

However, a player by the name of CarrBock was eager to share his solution with the whole inventory that did not want to part with anything. Therefore, it is sufficient to place these heavy items in a cart, at least on the desired dealer or chest, before pushing the particular cart to the desired distance. A perfect, easy-to-copy solution, still requires a cart on hand. But in Skyrim, Carts abound.

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Useful for players who are lucky enough to have a cart nearby or for those who are more interested, this is a practical solution. However, CarrBock proves it by taking ingots and ores to acceptable distances.