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This is what works on WhatsApp

Team Share In recent years, he has worked hard to eliminate (or at least reduce) the spread Malware In this popular instant messaging app, but, from time to time, some malicious content still manages to reach different users.

The new malware is running on WhatsApp

The latest example in chronological order is marked by a malware that spreads through a message on WhatsApp that invites users to download a specific app (called Hawaii Mobile).

Here is an example of how this malware works

Users will be asked to allow applications that do not come from the Google Play Store to install the malicious application, which is an important security precaution to be implemented. By default And to control the spread of the malware in question.

At the end of the installation process, the application prompts the user for a series of permissions, including access to notifications used in conjunction with the Android Direct Response feature to jeopardize system security.

By combining these two features, the malware can respond to each received notification message with a customized message and continue to run in the background until a response is received from the server waiting for the malware notification, which is then used to distribute the malicious link to the victim’s contacts.

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Malicious use also requires the ability to overwrite other applications (to prevent them from interfering with each other) and other permissions, such as ignoring battery optimization (thus consuming many resources that can continue to run in the background without stopping where the device is).

In order not to take risks, The ESET panel recommends To avoid clicking suspicious links, just download the apps from the Google Play Store and make sure you are using a reliable security solution for your smartphone.