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This is the new version of the operating system

Windows 10X is a special edition of Windows 10 that is currently in development. It is designed for future surface Neo and low-power PCs with two screen terminals. Today we have a very brief preview of the OS.

Windows 10X is a long delay. This special version of the OS was announced in 2019 Surface Neo, not nowe. But it is still in development for other dual display PCs and low power single screen machines. We have today First look at what awaits us.

Jack Botan, From the Windows Central site, released the first image of the OS. Here we find the desktop and mention an interesting thing: the icons are centered on the taskbar, and they always are. The start menu is also placed in the middle so that other icons come up. It should be noted that this overview About the “single screen” version of the OS.

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The image shows the Start menu open on the desktop. We notice this Reviewed and fixed, Shows itself as the hub window that reminds me of the Android app drawer. A way to better comply with the touch that was somewhat ignored by Windows 10. Here you will find all of Microsoft’s major applications, such as Edge, Outlook or the Microsoft Store. A search bar will appear at the top.

The release is scheduled for 2021

Windows 10X has been brilliant so far, but is starting to leak a bit here and there. The screen shot of Jack Bowden is not the only preview available to us. In fact, Alumia Italia also shared an interesting little thingThis is the OS boot menu. Introduced animation with built-in 20279.1002.

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Windows 10X is an OS intended for both low power PCs and dual display PCs. At this point, the operating system is still on It is scheduled for release later this year On specially designed computers. There is no doubt that many more previews will be available by then. Are you curious to see what Windows 10X can offer? Tell me in the comments!