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'This is not my reality, I can not wait to come out'

‘This is not my reality, I can not wait to come out’

Alex Belly ‘S home is constantly relocating Brother Vip 6. In these last hours, the actor “downloaded” Chola in a certain way and “allowed him to go into new revelations and confessions that go unnoticed, considering what they are experiencing and feeling during these weeks of imprisonment.” Speaking to Miriana Travis, in fact, Alex admitted that this was not his reality and that he would not think twice about leaving the game if Delia Duran came.

Alex Belly replaces Big Brother Whip: Here is what he said about Telia

In detail, in recent weeks Alex Belly has been attracting constant attention for the love story born with Solail Sorz.

The two, after initially trying to control themselves, allow themselves to go completely into the strong feeling they have for each other.

Alex Belly, in particular, was very unbalanced towards Sorge, to the extent that he admits he was in love, even though GF Whip was already married to another woman waiting for him outside the house.

Actor Alex Belle ‘dies’ Soleil Sorge after having fun with GF Vip

The truth is, in the last few hours, Alex has been replacing everyone again and doing just that with a moment of release with Miriana Travison. The two were in the sauna and the actor answered questions asked by the former face of Nèla Roy’s showgirl.

In particular, Miriana asked what his reaction would be if his wife, Delia GF Whip, entered the house to pick up Alex.

Well, Alex’s reaction was not long in coming, and without a second thought he admitted that he had no problem dropping the cast of the reality show MediaSet.

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‘I can’t wait to go out,’ Alex Belle agrees

“Of course, right now, I can not wait to get out of here, to go back to her, to my planning, this is not my reality. I’m very clear,” Alex Belle admitted. “Downloaded” This comes after Soleil’s skeptical attitude over the past few weeks.

In the end Alex Belly He realized more than ever that he felt the need to go back to his daily life and that he had a girlfriend, Telia, who would continue to flirt even if he flirted with the woman he was married to in the future and Big Brother VP. Former protagonist of men and women.

What will happen at this time? Will Telia Duran, after hearing Alex’s words, decide to appear at Cincinnati’s house to “get her husband back” or free him to go his own way?

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