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This is how TrendCam works online

This is how TrendCam works online

What is the hype about “Word”? Photo: screenshot, 01/14/2022

A free puzzle game is conquering the online world: Wordle. How it works and where the hype comes from – we explain it.

Twitter, Instagram or other social media: gray, yellow and green boxes now appear everywhere in which users want to share their success. To be precise: your success in the online game “Wordley“It doesn’t matter if it’s in the US, Great Britain or Germany: Internet games have been on everyone’s lips for days – mainly thanks to minimal play.

As some suspect, “Wordle” is not a Swabian word, but a combination of the English “Word” and the inventor’s last name, “Wardle”.

Wordle is about guessing words. Or vice versa: one word every day. Because that’s the original version of Wordlay. At the start, the player receives 5 gray boxes, which must be filled in with the English word. The letter then indicates the letter:

  • Occurs in the searched word and is in the right place (green),
  • Comes in word but not yet in the right place (yellow), or
  • Does not appear at all in the word (gray).

There are now 6 attempts to find the word of the day. No second attempt or new word – only the next day.

Some players immediately notice that the logic game is similar to “Master Mind”, which operates on a similar principle. Find a specific color sequence through subsequent guesses. It was one of the most popular games in the world in the 1970s.

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Wardley was invented by Josh Wardill in 2020 during the Lockdown period. It was originally planned as a gift to his partner and was initially played only by the two of them. Ward’s partner then provided a list of 2500 English words that could be typed in the game. Josh Ward is no stranger to the Internet: he already “Button‘(2015) and’Reddit location“(2017) caused a great stir.

After Ward introduced the game on the Internet, he added a feature that allowed players to share their success in the form of colored boxes without leaving words of the day.

Wordle alternatives will be partially removed

Free for the original Wordle game browser. It cannot be downloaded as an application or in any other format.

Wealthy merchants who want to take advantage of the current hype have already copied Wordley’s very simple game policy and offered paid apps on the Google and Apple App Stores. Apps that sometimes charge $ 30 a year have been partially removed from the App Store.

However, there are still some Wordle alternatives available as an application. As a rule, you can play as many puzzles as you want at once and not all applications are charged. But the original Wordle version is a browser game.

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Is Wordle in German?

The currently most talked about Wordle game works exclusively with English words. But there are word and logic puzzles with German words, which are a lot of fun and usually consist of more than one puzzle a day. Examples of these applications include Word Guru, Word Cross and Word Blitz. However, they all operate on slightly different game principles than Wordley.

Who knows – the German version of Wordlay will not be on the Internet for long.

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