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An explosion can lead to a CME earth

An explosion can lead to a CME earth

A sunspot creates a shock wave in the atmosphere under the sun and has repercussions on Earth: here’s what

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The September 5, 2021 Something very strange happened to the earth. A Decomposable sunspot AR2865 Created by a Class B7 explosion. L ‘Explosion The bottom caused a shock wave OnlyThis will inevitably lead to the effects of our planet.

The results will be available from September 8 to 9, 2021. Obviously, all of these must be constantly monitored because these are predictable events but do not always change with reliability and evolution.

Sunburn: September 8-9 Earthquake Effects

In particular, as predicted by experts Coronal mass discharge, this can be defined l ‘English acronym CME (Coronal Mass Ejection). It is a substance that is excreted mainly in the form of plasma Electrons and protons. If this cloud is reached Terra May be annoying to Magnetosphere.

In general, when Only Because events of sudden and violent action actually occur ShineAre provided in Space Large high energy particles. Sometimes they are thrown in the direction Terra, But on the way the current is stopped and diverted The Earth’s magnetic field.

The latter is disturbed and distorted. It makes an impact Magnetosphere Terrestre (The area around the earth is affected by the action of its magnetic field) and can cause a setback Darkening is temporary In electrical grids and satellite communication systems.

Moving to a feature most familiar to the less intelligent with these issues, The Geomagnetic storms They also have the “power” to give life to the event Polar auroras.

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